Sunday, September 13, 2009

Truman Lake – Osceola MO

Map picture
We’re still looking for that “perfect” campsite —at the greatest fishing spot ever so we camped & fished at the Osceola RV Park along the Sac River arm of Truman Lake to see how that was.
Although we had to walk down a hill to get to the water, there was a convenient dock & clean up area on a large pond area that accessed other smaller fishing areas.
The setting sun put on a bit of a show.
The campground wasn’t too full although there was a large number of RVs from a group of square dancers in the area.  We had full services, but next time will do without sewer in order to get at the end of the hill looking directly over the water [shorter walk to fish].
The weather remained humid although cool, so we used our a/c.  It never rained even though the wind shifted as a ‘cool’ front came by.  Mosquitoes have been a problem everywhere this summer — must be all that rain that’s kept the world unusually green for this time of the year.
I should know what kind of flower this is, but I don’t.  It was growing along the bank.  Huge, but didn’t check to see if it had a smell.
The RV park seemed to have a lot of squirrels.  And they were very used to people being around them.  I was sitting outside the trailer reading a book & noticed the movement of these two squirrels in a tree close by.  The squirrel on the tree stared down at the one of the picnic table for a long time but finally looked toward me & they both scampered away then. 
Our last night at the park.

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