Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Watkins Mill State Park 2009

We spent 5 days & 4 nights camped with friends again this year from the Off Road Camping Club (ORCC) at Watkins Mill State Park.  The weather was great for the most part [comfortable, cool, dry] even though a storm blew through Friday night and Saturday morning making the area muddy, damp & drippy for a day.  Love those awnings and tarps though!

Map picture

The campground is a beautiful, tree covered, park-like area which was SOOO peaceful and enjoyable Thursday when we arrived — and again then by Sunday afternoon.

However, by Friday night every campsite was occupied, and people were walking by with their dogs or children riding the bikes past, all causing Kira to alert-alert [bark, bark, bark] from concern, stress, excitement, anticipation, who knows.  It seems to take her all summer camping to learn what it’s all about.  But then, she just turned two in August, so she should get more comfortable with strange places, people, and dogs as she matures.

For one reason or another, we haven’t had many campfires this summer, so this campout was great because we had a fire going almost constantly. Sometimes for cooking, sometimes for gazing into, and other times just to keep it going.  Glad the temperatures were cool at night.

The summer has been unusually cool, with far fewer days getting into the 90’s, and the humidity seldom reaching (and then not lasting nearly as long as normal) the sticky, can’t breath, break out in a sweat just breathing level.  So everyone’s wondering how odd our winter may be after this summer.  At least some Fall color is starting now.


Quite a few different wild flowers were still blooming, but then we haven’t had any frost yet [possible in a few more weeks].

What a contrasting season — some plants still green, growing, flowering and others have dropped their leaves and shut down for the winter already.  I guess people do that to some degree in their own way too.

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