Saturday, November 13, 2010

A cold, rainy, and windy Friday

Friday morning was definitely colder than Thursday, and it rained all day long. We had thought there was going to be a break — but the rain never stopped for long, although it wasn’t real heavy at times. Just pretty much constant!

Before leaving home, I had rearranged our bed (once again) in the Casita — leaving the fitted sheet over the king-size sleeping bag and memory foam placed from side to side. But I turned the top covers from front to back (with a back seat cushion and bed board as an extension) to sleep in the king size option, with our heads at the back. However, since the king sleeping bags are folded in thirds to make them fit full-bed proportions, the fold hit right under our calves and the seat back cushion was lower than the sleeping bags/foam mattress, leaving our feet lower than the rest of the mattress.

So, for Friday night, I made another adjustment. I have an extra set of sheets with me & put the extra fitted sheet (also blue) over the full-size bed portion of the back cushions. Then I turned the entire sleeping bag/foam back-to-front & laid it all on the back cushions with the bed board/seat back cushion extension to have a full-length sleeping arrangement. That was much more normal sleeping, and we slept even more comfortably than the night before.
The best part is that during the day, I fold the sleeping bags/foam in thirds, stacked up against the back window for a fantastic lounger feel arrangement, with my feet stretched out on the seat cushion next to the galley and half laying-half sitting up position. Yee-haw, dog has her spot to sleep, I can recline, and Jeff can still stand, cook, set in the other seat (next to the frig), or stretch out on his side of our new double recliner.  With the small table in the up position (on the movable base we made), we both have extra counter space too for whatever is needed at the time (extra cooking counter, computer, or just accumulating stuff.

I’m amazed at how much neater we are in the trailer. There’s no where to just sit something down and forget about it. Everything has to be stowed somewhere or swapped with something else all the time in order to do anything else. Nothing like motivation!

We used battery-operated LED puck lights after dark instead of using the trailer lights to keep the battery for running the furnace. We had to flip on the furnace periodically, and then one final time before crawling into bed, but otherwise, slept without it running Friday night. The temperature dropped to 37º but that wind was just howling all night long. We stayed very cozy though under multiple covers.
It stopped raining finally sometime after dark on Friday night, but I could still hear the wind buffeting the trailer all night long. Thankfully Jeff had the Casita well stabilized so we didn’t rock much. I had the blinds closed & the insulated curtains pulled and even pinned at the bottom in several places to keep out any drafts. It worked well, but condensation on the windows is still a problem (of course). I need to figure out a more efficient way of using the bubble wrap on the windows at night (still thinking on that one).

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