Monday, November 15, 2010

Sunday Frost

The overnight temp dropped down to 28º last night and definitely put frost on the leaves, picnic tables, and even the fish-feeding station. We left the furnace on during the night to run occasionally and slept quite toasty without running down the battery. Jeff runs the generator then for an hour or so in the morning to charge it back up.

After getting dressed and having some coffee, I dried the condensation off all the windows (gotta find an alternative), folded up the mattress, and took Kira for a walk with my camera). Thankfully, the wind was very light, so Jeff was able to finally have a fire outside and was anxious to start cooking breakfast. He was just SO happy.
It occurred to me that one (just one of many) reasons I like spending time in our Casita is how handy everything is. I can just reach for many things I want instead of having to walk from one room in our house to another. And surprisingly, I get MORE exercise while camping than at home. There’s no fenced back yard for Kira to race around in — so it’s me (occasionally Jeff) on the other end of a leash racing around for her to do her business, so both of us to get some exercise.
We saw this one lone Canadian goose on the lake — either an early scout or it got left behind.
I’ve also noticed that when we’re preparing to go camping, we’re more concerned with picking out and packing the things we want to take, and I definitely don’t have time to do much trailer cleaning. And when we return home, taking things back into the house takes all our time and energy, so, again, no cleaning. But oh do I notice it while we’re parked and taking it easy. Thankfully, the Casita usually comes home much cleaner than when she left.  It also depends on whether or not we’re camped alone or with other people or at someone’s house. Guess I need time to contemplate the areas needing cleaned.
Jeff fixed a brats and scrambled eggs in a bag for breakfast for us. Sure makes clean up easy. In fact, I got inspired and wiped down all the fiberglass areas I could find. I didn’t notice any big dirty areas, but it sure does shine now.
After breakfast, Jeff got to get in some more fishing time, and wasn’t even alone at it. We saw some clouds come over and was afraid the day was going to get overcast again, but the sunshine soon returned. Sure wish we’d had this bluebird sky Friday or Saturday. But then — this WAS an experiment to see how we’d handle being inside our egg for long periods of cold and unpleasant weather. I know the full-timers just say go south (or west). We’re just not to that point yet.

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  1. So is that like frost on the Pumpkin?!
    So sad that we have already winterized our egg (we call ours the albino mouse turd)


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