Friday, December 31, 2010

The End of 2010

I’m surprised the day has turned out to be alright since my house had a mixture of sleet & freezing rain about 7am. Would have kept things seriously slick had it not warmed up above freezing within a few hours.

So we managed to run to town for a few things, and stopped by Staples to see if they had two of the plastic, half-depth file boxes we found last month. They did have two — we bought them. They’re going to sit in the corners of our bed in the Casita on either side of our pillows (sleeping back to front in a Liberty). We each have a place for maps, brochures, pin/paper, and all the assorted stuff that seems to accumulate on top of the burner cover. And I’ll have a place to sit my cell fon & glasses at night or a cup of coffee (in bed) in the morning. I’ll get a photo when it’s warm enough to put them in the trailer.

It’s interesting reading the blogs of all the full-timers wintering in FL, TX, or AZ who’ve had much colder temperatures (and even snow) than expected. Maybe a heated garage is the only for sure warm winter spot. LOL

I decided to start another blog, Capturing the Extraordinary, to post a photo of the day of my favorites from over the years, starting January 1st. Many are from pre-Casita days, but are the same scenes which always grab my attention whether traveling/camping or not. I hope you enjoy my photos and will consider becoming a follower.  Comments are great too.   Here’s an example:


I wish for you ALL not only

a healthy and wealthy new year,

but a plethora of happy adventures.

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