Sunday, January 2, 2011

Warm visit on a Cold day

One of the blogs I follow is Phoenix Once Again. And a couple of weeks ago, Betty & Dave came to Lake Paradise Resort near Lone Jack, MO, southeast of the Kansas City area, to workkamp. Since we live northwest of Kansas City, they were definitely close enough to go visit.  Although it was 12ยบ at my house this morning, the sun was shining as hard as it could all day long to warm us up just a bit. Unfortunately, the gusty wind still made being outside pretty uncomfortable real fast. But. . .it was a great day for a drive [and our itchy feet].

So we met Betty at the lodge overlooking the lake and had a great chat. Then we got a tour of their rig and a chance to meet Maggie. She’s such a sweet little dog.  When we got ready to leave, I remembered my camera, so Jeff took this photo (with MY camera which he’s not comfortable using) of Betty and me in front on their 5er. Not quite sure what Betty was about to say, but that’s not exactly a smile on her face. I didn’t realize until we posed here that Betty is so short (I’m average height) but she’s got lots of spunk and guts. My kinda gal.


We talked about full-timing: the good, the bad, & the ugly. We talked about how being breast cancer survivors changes you. We talked about living with our best friends and soul mates — and loving dogs. We talked about Reiki, energy, and healing. Oh, and occasionally ex-husbands too! 

I had such a great visit and really feel like I’ve meet a forever friend. One more perfect example of the fantastic people full-timing, RVing, or just camping!


  1. Hey Lady! I was probably saying "Whoowheee, it's cold out here!" :) Your post sums it up for me, too. Feel like I have found another Sistah!

  2. We have met so many wonderful friends on the road... how fun!

    I wanted to leave a comment on your "green camping" page, but couldn't find a place to do it. We have very similar approaches to maintaining our home... I'm always looking for better solutions and I'm happy to have found your blog.

    You found *us* on Vantramps... here (Vansteaders), is where I blog about most of my mobile homemaking thoughts:

    You really have great information posted... I have a lot more reading to do!


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