Friday, February 11, 2011

Temporary Spring

Geez it's been a long winter so far. Many places around the world have had such extreme weather, and my little patch of dirt is no different. In fact, I haven't really seen any 'dirt' for over a month — just white, white, and more white (snow). This weekend, and possibly an entire week, is supposed to be above freezing and hopefully will melt all this white stuff. That probably means it'll be 'mud' season then. But the prospect of warmth and sunshine is sure getting my hitch itch stirred up. So I've been roaming around the web looking for RV/camping/living ideas for our Casita.

I discovered some interesting products at where you might find something useful.  I like this bolster pillow listed toward the bottom of this page to support my neck when riding, sleeping, or just relaxing. But then I'd want to get an entire comforter set and I'm not sure I really need all that. Maybe I'll just make me a bolster pillow but I’m sure tired of waking up with a stiff neck and a headache.

I can see sitting this very modern hurricane lamp outside the trailer on a sweet Spring evening, giving off a soft glow and scent from a scented candle. I'm not sure about it having a glass globe but I like the clean lines. What I liked the best at were all the hanging storage ideas.  It really got me thinking more about vertical storage. I like that this site works like a few other sites that show the different prices of products at different websites, like at compared to other places. I looked around the 'Sports and Outdoor' section too on but didn't see much that interested me.

I can barely wait to pull the Casita out of the driveway soon — going camping!!!

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  1. I envy you having a little camper that you can just take off with. My TC will involve too damn much work to even mount the thing!


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