Thursday, July 14, 2011

Moving on. . .

This will be our last night at River Camp in northwestern North Carolina. It’s been an interesting six weeks. June was fantastic weather, but when July rolled in, the heat & humidity reminded me all too much of Kansas City. Ugh. I just have no energy when I break out in a sweat just standing outside breathing! But I’ve cleaned the bathrooms many, many times now, cleaned & stored returned life jackets from canoers after their float trips, stocked the coolers with lots & lots of beer, soda, juice, Gatorade, etc. When you’re so dripping wet with sweat, it’s nice to go into the walk-in cooler tho to ‘search for’ the next item to stock. But when I walk out & my glasses steam up, I guess I stayed a little too long!


Unfortunately, Jeff’s back is still a problem. Some days he moves & walks pretty well, but then the next day, he seems to hurt all over again. I’m sure glad he’s seeing his Primary Care Physician at the VA next week.


We’re heading for a few day’s visit with his parents in VA tomorrow, about a four-hour drive from here. It sure will be nice to have more than two days in a row without ‘working’. However, it’s time to once again take all the bedding & pillows out of the trailer to wash, clean, & rearrange.


It’ll be nice to have a regular cell fon signal again too. I got a new phone last week from Verizon (a new-every-two offer). It’s my first smart phone/Android – a Motorola Citrus. The reviews aren’t fantastic as it’s kind of slow & doesn’t have a lot of memory. But I’ve got a few apps that’ll come in handy while traveling & the phone quality is quite good (at least when I’ve been somewhere with a decent signal).


We had a fierce thunderstorm last week when lightening apparently ran in on our DirecTV DVR box. It would not even come on at all! So I called DirecTV on Friday after we traveled about 30 miles to finally access a Verizon tower so I could upgrade my new fon’s programming & roaming. We got the replacement DVR unit Monday but due to very poor cell fon reception near our trailer, I wasted about 4 hrs Monday evening trying to keep a connection with a rep long enough to get the unit activated. I think I dropped 7 different calls without getting the box activated. Very frustrating!!! Fortunately, my boss let me use her cordless fon Tuesday morning to call the 800 number while actually sitting in front of the TV/DVR in the trailer — & service was restored within 15 minutes. Yeah!!


The best news tho is that yesterday was my official 2nd anniversary of being cancer free after my surgery in 2009. My 2nd round of chemo after surgery for a positive lymph node was preventive treatment only. I wonder if I’ll ever get used to having hair again?  LOL  But I’m more than ready for this limited energy & chemo brain stuff to end soon.


After our doctor visits & my class reunion, we’re not sure where we’re heading. We want to boondock again at Chase County Kansas Fishing Lake (near Cottonwood Falls, KS) but if August is as hot as the rest of the summer’s been in the Midwest, I’m not sure if Kira, the cats, or me can stand the heat without A/C. We’re looking for another workamping gig tho, but it sure would be nice to just have some chilling time finally after the last 3 month’s activity, stress, & change.



  1. I was pretty comfortable for the week I was in Asheville, although any car sitting in the sun for very long gets unbearably hot. I arrived in Harrisonburg, VA early this afternoon for an overnight stop, and it actually isn't bad at all - again the car picks up some heat, but I walked a few blocks to a Walmart and didn't even work up a sweat! The altitude must be the difference.

    Congratulations on being cancer free!

  2. A really BIG CONGRATS on your 2nd anniversary. Those are the best anniversaries in the world, so you can enjoy all the other anniversaries that come along. My daughter's 6th anniversary is 11/1 this year, so know what you are feeling.

    A bunch of us are going to be at Milford Lake shortly after Labor Day for 4 days or so - Casita owners. Not sure what space is still available.

  3. Congratulations on your Cancer Free Anniversary!!


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