Friday, August 5, 2011

Let There Be Rain!

I thought I was dreaming Thursday morning around 3:30 am when I was rudely awakened by the sound of THUNDER – very close! OMG, can it be real??  Thankfully we didn’t have most of our belongings still setting outside the truck on the lawn waiting to be oh-so-carefully snugged into the back of the pickup like the morning before. That would have been a mess. . .considering it rained well over an inch during the early morning hours.

After hitching up, having a bit of breakfast, saying goodby to my parents, & filling up the gas tank, we were heading west at 8:15am. We continued to drive under clouds with occasional sprinkles all the way to Wichita, KS. It was interesting driving on Hwy 54 through the towns I vaguely remember from traveling with my parents between our hometown in MO & Wichita many decades ago. Lots & lots of changes (of course).

We made it to Water Sports RV in Dodge City, KS (where we stayed last summer returning from AZ) by 3:15 pm. Dodge City was having a week-long celebration so the campground was very full of attendees & vendors. And it was very warm outside, so we just hunkered down inside with the A/C all evening. It was a good time to get caught up on emails & blogs. Although it wasn’t a hard drive today, Jeff was tuckered out & went to sleep very early for him.

Here are some photos of the lake we were backed up against. Lots of ducks feeding – or maybe just cooling off.DSC04330


Posted via Verizon Mi-Fi, west of Syracuse, KS on Hwy 50. . .HEADING TOWARD COLORADO!

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