Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rain in Kansas!

Sorry it's taken me almost a week to get this posted.

I couldn’t believe it — we had a thunderstorm Thursday night in Dodge City on our way to Colorado. Woo-hoo! So the weather hitching up & rolling out was pleasant. Here’s the cloudy sunrise over the lake.


Unfortunately, when Jeff was hooking up water, sewer, & electric last evening, he checked the hot water tank & the little plastic latch holding the door shut broke off. So. . .this morning we dropped by the only RV dealer in town & picked up not one but two METAL clips for $6 & change. He also got another plastic screen door latch as the current one is cracked. Guess we need to be on the look-out for a metal latch since this is the 2nd one we’ve had to replace.

So we were on the road by 9am, just tooling along. . .on the wrong highway. Sheesh!  We were on Hwy 56 that would meet up with I-25 farther south of Walsenburg, CO where we wanted. So, we corrected course by heading north to Syracuse, KS (crossing into Mountain Time) to pick up Hwy 50 west. Fantastic!

We’d also intended to take CO 10 southwest straight to Walsenburg, CO from La Junta, CO. . .BUT. . .the road was closed (for some unknown reason). Another course correction & back to Hwy 50 west toward Pueblo, CO. There we picked I-25 farther north than we wanted.

It seems tho as we traveled across Kansas Thursday and Friday, I kept taking photos of grain elevators. So I posted all of them in a separate Picasa album you can view by clicking on this photo. They’re usually such huge structures out in the middle of the prairie that they really grab your attention.

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  1. I used to manage one of those grain elevators out in the middle of nowhere. They are interesting and troublesome at the same time. Interesting in how they work and troublesome because one has to make sure one's grain isn't taken too wet or allowed to get wet or buggy.

    But, you can see for miles from on top of one.


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