Sunday, March 11, 2012

“Can you hear me NOW?”

Talk about a happy camper. Jeff is W A Y beyond thrilled with his new hearing aids. I found out these little miracle devices have come a very long way from our grandparents’ (or even parents’) hearing aids. The same kind of technology used for noise cancelling in cell phones has been miniaturized into a tiny little case sitting above the ears — able to emphasize speech & tone down ‘noises’. The devices can be tweaked even more to eliminate any specific irritating noises. Jeff was asked to wear the new hearing aids every day for at least two weeks tho before requesting any adjustments for specific noises.

After leaving the Leavenworth VA Hospital, Jeff put a CD in the radio & nearly cried. He was able after 30 years to once again hear higher pitched instruments & the full range of a musical piece. He was VERY active with music in high school, so music speaks volumes to him. However, he also immediately realized how loud the sounds are of our pickup motor, tires on the road, Kira barking, people in a mall, and even a utensil dropping on the floor. His comment was “The world is a very noisy place.”

I’m SO happy for him, plus glad I don’t have to raise my voice now to carry on a conversation in the pickup with windows opened & road noise. And we can actually talk comfortably over the sound of the television now!

We had a good visit with close friends and my now step-daughter & step-grandson before leaving the Kansas City area. We then stopped by my parents’ to a quick visit also on our way to Springfield to driveway dock at my oldest girlfriend’s house (friends since the 7th grade). She has 2 dogs & a big fenced-in backyard, so Kira got lots of exercise, sun, & fresh air playing with her friends outside off-leash. Everyone has been invited to come visit us this summer in Branson.

Finally, FINALLY, it was time to get on with our full-timing lifestyle & head for our workkamping positions at Compton Ridge Campground west of Branson, MO! A sudden opening has also come up for a relief cook position at the campground which Jeff has been wanting (instead of landscaping or maintenance – imagine that).

We’ve gone thru some major changes in the past several months & although it felt like we were just hanging in limbo this time in Missouri (getting fat & lazy), I guess we really needed all this unscheduled downtime to adjust to our new roles as only child, new son-in-law, step-grandma, and husband & wife (married to each other this time tho). Good, bad, or indifferent — change is the only constant in life, and every day is part of our adventure.

Today is a gift!

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  1. What I hear is a lot of contentment and good times in your life together on the road these days. I am soooo very pleased and happy for you both! Sending much love and thanks to the Universe that I got to spend time (even though brief) with you both back in MO that cold Winter!


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