Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Our honeymoon

The day after we got married, we left for a little honeymoon back at Truman Reservoir, Tally Bend Campground this time, south of Clinton, MO. Of course we were nearly the only ones there although a couple of other campers were around on the weekend.


We drove around the area a little, visited Wal-Mart in Clinton, & worked on re-organizing & completing a few mods. We now have a high spout bathroom sink faucet with separate shower controls.

I also knitted an extension onto the front of Jeff’s macraméd shelf in the closet to keep things from falling out when we travel. I even experimented with a brown Sharpie making prairie-style lines on our Casita-wood cabinet doors. Subtle but unique. Got some other things to fix or enhance, but we need warmer (& dry) if not at least less windy weather to do more.

Our rings arrived at my parents’ Monday too so we drove over to their house to pick them up. Love them. They fit us both perfectly and are extremely comfortable.


We head to Kansas City Wednesday, & Jeff gets his new hearing aids Thursday. Yeah — we’re both excited. Then we finally report to Compton Ridge Campground in Branson on Saturday.


  1. Love the rings. Great picture and I love the background for showing them off. Ties in with your lifestyle.

    Like the separate shower controls. Hmmmmm . . .

    Glad to hear from you. Guess the Campground made it through the bad weather last week? Or do you have lots of clean up work to do?

    1. Thanks. I don't believe the campground had any tornado damage, but I'm sure there's lots of "spring cleaning" that it needs.

      I really love the high-rise sink faucet. And it swivels too so I can finally get good use from it. We've been looking for months & finally found this one at a small local dime store for $29.99.

  2. The rings look great ! We are looking forward to hearing about your Branson workamping adventure.

    1. Thanks. Since we don't start working 'full time' until May, we're thinking we may have an opportunity to slide down in late April for a few days of Jug Fest this year. As gentle as the winter's been, are those fish gona bite early this year?

    2. congrats on the marriage, the rings look great. love the shower mod too. is there any chance we can get a gander at the cabinet paint job?


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