Saturday, September 14, 2013

Colorado’s 100 Year Flood

Just a short post regarding our experience with the devastating floods in & around Boulder CO this week. We’re midway up the Poudre Canyon (around 7400’ elevation, west of Ft Collins & north of Estes Park) & are parked up the hill a bit from the Poudre River. No flooding or rock/mud slides. Other than 3 long days of constant rain, always feeling soggy, & cleaning up after a wet, gritty-footed dog, we had no problems. We even went to Ft Collins on Wednesday where it stopped raining that afternoon. The clouds are very picturesque hanging low on the mountains tho. I even bought a new camera. . .a Canon PowerShot SX50 HS. . .cause it has a 50 times power zoom. Seems lots of my photos are taken from a moving pickup so I’d like to get closer photos of things as we pass by. It does some neat tricks, but I honestly prefer my 10-year old Sony CyberShot R-1.

Anyway, here’s the low clouds & the Poudre River rolling by on Thursday evening.











Of course I HAD to try some macro photos of some of the flowers around here too.











We have friends coming from Kansas City tomorrow for their first-ever visit to Colorado (if they don’t chicken out). Geez, not going to be an easy trip with all the detours. Poudre Canyon Highway (#14) between us & Ft Collins has been washed out in several places plus numerous rock/mud slides on the road. It’s closed below us until repairs can be made. . .sometime. I-25 is flooded & shut down from Ft Collins all the way up to the WY border. All three roads leading into Rocky Mountain National Park from the east have been washed out, & the Park has quite a bit of damage & is closed. Estes Park is pretty well cut off with no power, water, or phone svc of any kind. HAM radios are relaying info. At least the water is receding around the Front Range towns, but it just rained here again this afternoon, & who knows how much more down canyon or south of us.

I LOVE living in our little trailer. . .BUT. . .I’m realizing NOT so much when it rains (& rains & rains, & is chilly outside too) for days on end. The idea was to follow the sun & find the weather that fits our clothes! I’m about to start growing gills and really, really looking forward to our winter in the dry, warm desert again.


  1. Really, really glad to hear that you both are safe! The scenes on TV are devastating!
    We feel close to this was only 3 weeks ago when we were there!

    Take care of yourselves and enjoy that new camera!

  2. I am so glad you wrote a post...was worried! Glad all is well. I too have a camera with that super zoom. I don't like it either. I use it for just some shots but use my regular one for most. Again..glad you're OK!!!

  3. We were wondering about the two of you, and if you had been affected by the flooding. Good to hear everything is ok. Awesome stories coming out of the flooded areas. Feel so sorry for all those people.

  4. I've been watching the news and worried about you guys. Looks like it's going to be a long cleanup when it finally stops raining. We're praying for your safety.

  5. Yes, have been wondering how it is up your direction. River still looks a bit menancing, even up your way. The colors of the flowers are beautiful, especially the last one with the water droplets on the petals. Stay safe.

  6. Glad you guys are safe and ok! I just might have to look into that camera. I would love to have a little more zoom at times!
    Saying prayers for all those affected by the flooding! Just awful!!
    Stay safe!!

  7. Stay Safe! We have relatives in Loveland and they have posted some pictures on facebook. so sad. Yet here in Missouri it's bone dry, ground cracks and trees dying.

    thanks for the update.


  8. Thanks everyone for your concern. Still raining some. I25 is back open & Ft Collins pretty clear. Estes Park w/o power & fon svc & all roads east are destroyed. Even RMNP west has road damage. Glad we saw it with Lynn & David. Poudre Canyon road washed out & lots of mud & boulders on road.Other than growing moss, we don't have much to worry about.

  9. Worrying CO....I imagine it has gotten a little weary in the little Casita! Soon you'll be basking in the desert. Hopeful we aren't freezing out booties off :O) Great pics!

  10. Beautiful pictures. Spoke with a friend in Boulder and he said the flood was within a block of him. He said the water was highest he has ever seen in 40 years. Stay safe out there.


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