Monday, May 26, 2008

Selecting a Casita

We looked at a large variety of campers for several years searching for an efficient but comfortable camper/rv until finally tripping over the wondrous little fiberglass “egg” travel trailers. They are light weight, aerodynamic, solid-walled, weather-proof, and save a bundle in middle-man fees by only being available directly from the various manufacturers. Happily, authorized warranties and repairs are coordinated by the manufacturer to be done in the area where you are.

In addition, having a travel trailer provides the following benefits:

  1. Your own bedroom where you KNOW who used the toilet and slept in the bed — no packing & unpacking at various locations.
  2. A private, safe, and familiar place for your pet(s) to stay when away from home — without disturbing homes you visit.
  3. A private ‘guest house’ for overnight visitors to your home.
  4. Emergency shelter, whether due to electrical outages or a need to evaculate your home area.
  5. A private location to read, listen to music, study, concentrate — or just be quietly sick.

These travel trailers provide most all the basic amenities anyone might want while camping — except for:

  1. A lot of floor space: you must LIKE the other person camping with you since you two will share small spaces often,
  2. Sleeping room for more than 3 people max: bring a tent for children to sleep outside,
  3. Room for more than 6 people at a time [after dismantling the bed] — most beds use dinette table tops for support so reversing the process gives enough floor space for company.

After arranging financing with our bank in May, we ordered a new 2008 17’ Casita Liberty Deluxe model because:

  1. We wanted a camper easy to set up/take down in all kinds of weather, that was secure whether sleeping in it or being away from the camper, and was easy on gas mileage.
  2. Used Casita travel trailers were difficult to find, and then not very close to our area. They depreciate at approximately $1,000 per year.
  3. We wanted the warranties on a new trailer.
  4. Casita has the only floor plan where the dinette/bed are can be configured as a regular bed w/small dinette, a queen or king sized sleeping area/bed; or as twin beds w/full time small table between beds. This version gives the most versatility for the various changes that may take place over the years we intend to have the trailer.

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